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Lazzyy night in

Lunch was a yummy salad with a hard boiled egg and goat cheese: Dinner: mashed sweet potato, leftovers from last night’s shrimp stir fry, and half a raisin English muffin… Now? I’m being lazy and watching some tv. I forgot my socks for the gym today…bummer, so I decided to lay low and relax and … Continue reading

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Love in a cup.

No, no, this isn’t a Valentine’s Day related post…but I did happen to make some peanut butter hot chocolate for dessert tonight. Jenna’s recipe is to die for…who knew it was so easy? Let’s start with the healthy stuff… Lunch= spinach, cucumber slices, mushroom slices, yellow pepper, grape tomatoes, and 1 oz. goat cheese (my … Continue reading


More to come!

Long day, so for now: Breakfast= quick oats, banana, peanut butter, brown sugar, nutella. Lunch was a boring salad. Dinner= panini with pesto, hummus, cheddar cheese, spinach, roasted red pepper, mushrooms. And some cherries on the side. I ❤ them. Stay tuned for some fun posts this weekend! Goodnight all! <3, Jenna What's your favorite … Continue reading



I’m sorry this week’s blog posts haven’t been much to sneeze at, I’ll try and make up for it this weekend! It’s been a busy week at the office so I’ve just been relaxing and keeping up on my sleep. I skipped the gym tonight in favor of a brewski and bacon, egg and cheese. … Continue reading