[Awe]some weekend <3

Hi all,

Just barely sat down from a weekend PACKED full of activity. Phew, I’m exhausted.


Friday night, my boyfriend and I spent time with another couple since they were house sitting at a fancy home nearby. The boys cooked dinner, we relaxed and drank some wine, life was good.

I woke up early Saturday morning to go to a spin class w/my best friend, then hurried home and cooked a few things to take camping…


From left to right, quinoa “cowboy caviar” salad, morning glory muffins, and an edamame veggie salad!

Saturday around 2PM we took off for the campground, realized we forgot the air mattress pump (awesome) and an extra blanket. So after fishing, we started a fire, drank a bit to stay warm, and slept on the ground in our tent… It was fun, but would have been nicer if we’d had a more forgiving surface to sleep on, and maybe a few extra layers.

This morning we got up, packed our things, and headed to hike one of the nearby trails! Beautiful view…


Then we got home, drank some coffee, cleaned house, rearranged some furniture before the new dining room table and bedroom set get here on Wednesday, ordered a pizza and finalllyyy relaxed a bit.

Like I said, I’m le tired. Night!


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