“The proper function of man is to live – not to exist.” — Jack London

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should do with my life, what I want to be, who I am as a person… 



Through life’s stages we repeatedly hear our friends making decisions on their careers: the friend who decides at age 5 that they want to be a doctor and actually becomes one ten years later; the friend that changes their mind once or twice to finally stumble upon a job that makes them smile on Monday mornings; the friend who goes back to school a few times before becoming a successful parent.

I haven’t found it yet, that moment where I figure out what I should do.  But then again, maybe it isn’t a moment…maybe it is a combination of life’s little moments telling you “Yes, I like that.” or “No, I don’t.” that lead you to your eventual career path. 

If I were to choose right now, I would be an event planner and own my own business.  Work from home (check), enjoy life inside and outside of a building (check), make people happy (check), work hard (check), be pressured by deadlines (check). 

We shall see.  For now, the next step in my career is working as a legal assistant at a law firm.  To be continued…


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