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Whatcha cookin’ good lookin’?


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today was fulllllll of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning…

Oh, and some cooking of course!

Remember that box ‘o’ produce I got the other day? Well, I figured I should put it to some good use this afternoon.  Enter roasted veggies and local sauteed chicken…




Before (again)…


After they came out of a 425 degree oven for 45 minutes.


Final product! I thawed some local chicken I had in the freezer, and voila!

Before dinner had even been started, I was bored and decided…er…my sweet tooth decided to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies




Yum. These might be my favorite cookies in the entire world.  Sometimes the basic, sugar filled recipes, are the best.  Recipe: here.

I highly recommend you make these RIGHT now, make some tea, lounge with a great movie, eat one extra cookie, and call it a night Smile

Have a great week everyone!!

<3, Jenna

What are your favorite cookies?


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