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Love in a cup.

No, no, this isn’t a Valentine’s Day related post…but I did happen to make some peanut butter hot chocolate for dessert tonight. Jenna’s recipe is to die for…who knew it was so easy?

Let’s start with the healthy stuff…


Lunch= spinach, cucumber slices, mushroom slices, yellow pepper, grape tomatoes, and 1 oz. goat cheese (my favorittteeee)! Dressing: a little maple agave, some extra virgin olive oil, some red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder and ginger powder. YUM.  I love having salads for lunch.

After work, I  went to the gym and hung out on the NEW spin bike they just bought for a half hour or so.  The spin bike has it’s own screen and you can pick different workouts which have different trainers doing the ride WITH you and helping you along…definitely a great purchase.  Then,  I walked on the treadmill for a while and came home…


…to make Dinner= TJ’s frozen shrimp stir fry.  Easy as pie because you literally just heat the shrimp, add the veggies, add the seasoning packet…and in my case, add some frozen artichoke hearts…


…with a cup of TJ’s butternut squash soup on the side.  Heat and serve is my favorite kinda healthy Smile


Served with: 1/2 sandwich thin and hummus, and a piece of multigrain toast for some soup dipping action.

Now for the good part…


Mix a little of all of the above, plus some sugar, into a sauce pan, heat until it starts to simmer, and continue to whisk so that there are no peanut butter chunks.  Once warm and creamy, pour into your favorite mug and serve with a few mini peanut butter cups Smile   (For recipe, click [the other] Jenna’s link above).)



I’m a little embarrassed to say I could only drink half of this concoction.  It was too delicious and too rich to just drink quickly like my regular diet hot chocolate. YUM.

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday!! Only 4 more days until the weekend…and only 11 days until I get to head home to Vermont for almost a week of vacation, followed by a weekend of my Dad visiting DC for a few days!! Can’t wait!



How was everyone’s weekend?! Did you make any delicious snacks for Sunday’s Superbowl?


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