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DC Blogger Meet Up!

Thanks again to Lauren from The Biochemista for hosting so many of the DC food bloggers in her cute apartment last night!  Admittedly, I was a little nervous meeting 20-25 new food bloggers, but ended up meeting some wonderful people there!

I met up with Erin and had coffee at a cute little café/bakery in Dupont about an hour before we were supposed to meet up at Lauren’s.  It was so fantastic to finally meet her, and as she said on her post earlier today, it was great to have such great conversation and plenty to talk about! 

We walked from there to Lauren’s house.  Everyone brought wine, a few bloggers brought some DELICIOUS food to go with the delicious appetizers that Lauren had already prepared for the gathering.  A special shoutout to Lisa for her ahhhhmazing Oreo truffles.  I don’t think I want to know how many calories were in them, but I had two and Danielle and I had to convince ourselves to walk away from the table. They were SO SO good.   I also happened to help myself to a couple servings  of Emily’s dip. Thanks ladies for such great eats!

As a food blogger, I totally failed at taking pictures at all…despite the fact that I even dragged Erin to CVS to buy batteries for my camera before we sat down for coffee.  Le sigh…

Overall, I had a great, great time and look forward to the next gathering/food blogger happy hour in DC!

In other news… eats from the past few days….


TJ’s mini peanut butter cups…can’t. stop. eating. them.


TJ”s vegetable masala burger with olive hummus and a little cheddar cheese on a TJ’s sandwich thin. Delish.


TJ’s vegetable tortilla chips with a little Green Mountain Gringo salsa.


Andddd these for good measure. Just because she’s too adorable. Smile


I’m off to relax, nap a little, eat a little more, do some laundry and mayyyyybe peel myself off of my futon and go to a friend’s to watch the Superbowl.

Most likely though, I’ll put on my PJs and hang with the kitties and roommate to watch the game and whine about doing laundry later tonight…

<3, Jenna

I’m a Pats fan by default, but who are you routing for tonight??


3 thoughts on “DC Blogger Meet Up!

  1. Such a fun night and so happy we were able to get together. 🙂 I’m heading to the gym now before changing into sweats to watch chick flicks tonight. haha

    • Aw I know! There were so many people I just didn’t get a chance to say hi to. Glad you like the blog, hopefully we can meet up at the next gathering!

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