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Mission: Eat Lotsa Spinach

Hello there! 

Remember this guy?


And if you ever want to refresh your memory on good ol’ Popeye’s cartoons, here’s a good one about spinach, specifically:


Aw, I miss watching those cartoons when I was little.

… I found THIS at the grocery store yesterday!


Yup…that’s a 16oz container of baby spinach.  Organic baby spinach.

All for only $5.  That’s what I call a grocery store bargain. 

The reason? Probably because it’s dated for Monday the 7th. 

This gives me one week to eat the entire thing.  It shouldn’t be too hard to do, I might even be a little excited about it Smile

Today I got up, went to work, yada yada, then went to the gym. 

Lunch was this fantastic salad!


Spinach (!), Mushrooms, yellow pepper, cucumber, and 1/4 cup garbanzo beans.  I also had a Yoplait light yogurt on the side, key lime flavored (it’s a good one).

In the afternoon, I enjoyed some diet hot chocolate to tide my sweet cravings over until dinner.  Anddd I had an apple before the gym.

I came home craving more vegetables (never thought I’d say that).

Enter: The fake-a-fajita mix.


I thawed some frozen Trader Joe’s precooked shrimp and put them on my George Forman grill for a few minutes while I heated up some green beans and a tri-color pepper mix in the microwave.  When almost heated, I mixed the grilled shrimp, veggie mixture, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and 1/8 to 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese, and microwaved for another 30 seconds.

What do you get? Ooey, gooey cheese melted a little bit over every bit of shrimpy, vegetable goodness.   It was reminiscent of a shrimp fajita I used to love at Chili’s…also the only thing I would eat there when I went to visit my best friend while she was working.

Come to find out…this was equal to 720 calories and 42 grams of fat in the Chilis meal. Yikes.

And now…drumroll please…

I’ve been so good about eating today and watching my Weight Watchers points, that I have plenty left over to eat this…


Yesterday my friend and I made brownies after our brunch festivities and they just happened to be the Ghirardelli  Double Chocolate brownie mix.

I don’t even care that it’s a mix from a box…look how gooey and delicious that brownie looks. 

Hope you’ve all had a great Monday!!

<3, Jenna

When you’re in a quick fix, what’s your favorite boxed sweet?  Cake? Brownies? Muffins? I’m also partial to Funfetti…


2 thoughts on “Mission: Eat Lotsa Spinach

  1. Funfetti all the way! I have even tried to make other flavors of cupcakes from scratch… and every one always wishes they had the Funfetti. I think some people even think I created the mix?? Because they will say ” I prefered that flavor you made last time”… or something like that. 🙂 Regardless, it is yummy and super easy and I am actually about to make some for a baby shower I’m hosting.

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