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Rearrange? Or no rearrange?

That is the question.

That is the question that arises every couple of months, no matter where I live.

It’s easy to get sick of your living space…especially when it’s a tiny apt. in DC. Agreed?

The question of the day is:

Should I move my TV from my bedroom into my living room?

It’s been in my bedroom since December when I moved here because I wasn’t sure where I was going to put anything.  Now that it’s all hooked up and wires are everywhere it makes it harder to convince myself to unplug and try to figure out where everything gets plugged back in again…oof.

The tricky part is that my side of the apt used to be a one bedroom, and my roommate’s used to be an efficiency.  When the building was renovated years ago, they combined these two apts so that now both my roommate and I have our own living rooms, separated by the tiniest kitchen in the world.

Which means…her tv can be seen from my futon in my living room…and she watches her tv really, really loudly.

BUT: I’m supposed to invite a friend over for brunch tomorrow and if I don’t move it, we’ll have no morning news to watch Sad smile

Should I move it????



Steel cut oats warmed up w/banana….and 1/4 of a cheese danish Smile

I woke up this morning, took out the trash, and stopped by the local coffee shop to grab some freshly ground coffee for the week.  The stuff is too good to pass up, so I try and make it a little cheaper by buying my own bag and brewing at home.

And I also bought this…I can’t help it, the Danish was staring at me from the counter… Winking smile


One of my food weaknesses is definitely cheese danishes. How good does that look?

I also enjoyed my new hazelnut coffee purchase:


Today’s To Do List:

  • take out the trash(es)
  • move my tv from bedroom to living room?
  • dust everything
  • vaccuum everything
  • clean kitchen
  • clean bathroom
  • do laundry
  • maybe rearrange my living room a little bit

Hopefully posting what I need to do on here will help me feel more accountable and get it all finished today! If it works with exercise, let’s hope it works with cleaning…

<3, Jenna

See you all later tonight after my trip to Trader Joe’s for some fresh fruit!


One thought on “Rearrange? Or no rearrange?

  1. I think in apartment living, rearranging the furniture every now and then is a great idea. You might hate it at first, but give it a few weeks and see what works better for you. Good luck with your to-do list!

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