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Who knew?

…that it was SO easy to steam fresh vegetables?  Really though, my mom used to steam things in the microwave a lot but I never realized how easy it was…I’m not sure why.  Anyways, dinner was the rest of my fresh organic broccoli and some cut up fresh organic carrots steamed for 4 minutes in the microwave. 


The carrots were soft and delicious! I’ll have to make sure the rice cooker I buy in the future is also able to steam veggies, yum.

I also had a similar smoked salmon/cream cheese/ multigrain thin sandwich and a naval orange on the side.



And now my belly is full, which means Smile.

(Lunch was a boring repeat of 13 Bean Soup and a salad with avocado, spinach, yellow pepper and cucumber slices.)

It’s snowing in DC! I actually got out of work early today (4 instead of 6) which was a nice change.  I was able to go to the gym, do my run/walk workout and walk fast for an extra 15 minutes, and was still home before 6.  That’s awesome compared to my usual 7:30 when Senate is in session.


…not such great pics, but it was a nasty walk home.  I would have taken an ‘after’ photo, but I was just all wet and cold and trying to put my pjs on asap!

The good news? This slushie snowstorm might just mean a delay in the morning. Orrrrrrr the day off! Let’s hope for the latter so I can spend some quality time improving this blog, eh?

Now I’m off to watch some mind numbing tv shows for a little while and find something yummy for dessert.

<3, Jenna

Is it snowy and gross where you are?  What was your favorite way to spend a snow day as a kid? (If you had them, I mean.)



So, after some very careful cupboard and refridgerator searching, I found a suitable dessert for this snowy, wet evening. 

Behold the secret weapon behind my weight loss efforts so far…

…diet, low cal, or no sugar added hot chocolate. 

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking for someone who loves organic, local veggies and who is working on eating more unprocessed foods, this is a weird choice.   I totally agree.  However, if this is the only ‘fake’ sugar and processed goody that I have once and a while (no, I don’t have this daily) then I think I am okay with that…for now.  Eventually I’ll give it up when I’ve reached my goal weight and focus on a healthier treat to satisfy the neverending sweet tooth after dinner 🙂

I also enjoyed a small square of Lindt’s 70% cacao dark chocolate with a little almond butter on top.  Oh, and that dark square is my last Pillsbury Sweet Moments caramel brownie bite (60 calories).  Again, a processed dessert, and not good enough to buy again…but why let it go to waste, eh?


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