A Day in the Life (of moi)

Hello there!

Since I’m unusually prepared for work today, I figured I’d write a quick post that includes my routine for the day…

6:30AM  Alarm goes off.

6:35AM Roll around in bed wishing the alarm hadn’t gone off…is it really 6:30 already? Oh…I mean 6:35? Sad smile

6:45AM: Finally muster the courage to get out of bed, brush my teeth, yada yada, hop in the shower.

7:00AM  Done showering, go turn on the coffee pot (set it up the night before).

7:05AM Wander around the kitchen wondering what time it is, thinking up something delicious for breakfast, and eventually go back to the bathroom and blow dry/straighten my hair.

7:30AM Coffee has been done for a few minutes now…go grab a cup and finish straightening hair.

7:40AM  Finish my coffee while writing a fancy new blog post about my morning routine Winking smile  This is key, having a few minutes to sit down and relax, or to write a blog post, is super relaxing to me.  It’s the morning that I’m chugging my coffee on the way out the door and blogging from my awful iPhone app that I have a more stressful day.

8:00AM Scramble around putting on makeup, then quickly put together a salad for lunch, a few snacks, and something to bring to work/eat quickly for breakfast.

8:20AM Realize that it’s getting closer to 8:40 (time I should be leaving to walk to work) and hurry to find some cute outfit for work.

8:35AM Oh no…should I wear the skirt? Or should I wear the blue shirt and the pants?!? Help!

8:30AM Thinking I’ve finally decided on an outfit (I mean, it’s only Tuesday so it shouldn’t be so difficult), I hurry up and put on my jacket, boots, scarf, hat, throw my gym clothes into my bag along with my multiple lunch tupperware containers (hope it all fits), say bye to the kitties, and…

8:35-8:40AM… head off to work.  Sometimes this is earlier if I don’t take too long figuring out my outfit/what to eat for breakfast and lunch, so it depends.  I like to get to work a few minutes early and since it’s about a 3/4 mile walk, it takes about 10-15 minutes (depending on weather/how slow I walk that day/how much coffee I’ve had).

9AM-6PM Work Work and more Work.

6:15PM Head upstairs to go to the gym!

Etc, Etc, Etc. 

Anyways, I know that’s rather boring but sometimes it’s fun to see how other people work out their time in the morning. 

Now, it’s off to figure out what to have for breakfast/find some cute clothes for work (See: 8AM).

<3, Jenna

What do your morning routines look like? How much time do you take to get ready before work?  Are you a morning person?


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