Monday, Monday…

Once I got done cooking my soul therapy cookies last night (haha) I did a little yoga on my new DVD:


I picked this up for $9 at Target when I bought my juicer on Saturday.  It has 5 different workouts and I’ve found most GAIAM products to be worth the money.

  1. AM Peak Performance Yoga
  2. PM Peak Performace
  3. AM Yoga for Weight Loss
  4. PM Yoga for Weight Loss
  5. Stress Relief Yoga

Sounds decent, right? I chose to do the PM Yoga for Weight Loss segment so that I’d sweat a little…especially since I’ve taken an extra day off from running this week.  Today is week 3 of the Couch to 5K program already!!

After yoga, I put together my own baked ziti concoction.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a small casserole dish at Marshall’s and haven’t gotten to use it yet.  So, with a lot of chicken sausage to use up before it goes bad, I went to it.

I sautéed some washed organic baby portabella mushrooms, a little yellow onion, some minced garlic, and a little EVOO (as Rachel Ray likes to say).  While sautéing, I boiled water and cooked one cup of whole wheat rotini.  At the same time, I cut up a little organic broccoli and blanched it in the boiling pasta water to save some extra time.  Once all of that was done, I mixed up the ingredients along with some tomato sauce, a little frozen mozzarella cheese, put it in my greased little casserole dish and 25 minutes later at 350 degrees? Yummmy baked rotini.






I split it up into three small portions and enjoyed some for dinner…err…dessert to the cookies I’d had earlier Smile

It felt nice to be able to just come up with something easy like that.  No recipe, no looking up “how to cook” something, etc. And the best part? It actually tasted good.

And now…off to eat some steel cut oats and run off to work.  Oh Mondays…

<3, Jenna

Have a great Monday!  Do you ever get a “case of the Mondays”? What’s your best coping mechanism?


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