BreakFAST / Smoothies / Work it Outtt

Off to go for a run, but check back later!

I ❤ Saturdays (and Sundays, and Mondays when we have them off).  I ❤ staying in my PJs until noon.  I ❤ that it’s going to be 40 degrees in DC today 🙂

This morning I whipped up  an almond milk, frozen strawberry and half banana smoothie and had it alongside a multigrain sandwich thin with smoked salmon and cream cheese. See this post for a picture of the salmon sandwich.

Oh, and I enjoyed some hazelnut coffee:

And here I am in my running clothes (sorry, bad pic) off for another half hour adventure! Wish me luck!

Check back later for a little competition post!
<3, Jenna
P.S. If we’re having a little competition, what health food product would you be most likely to want as the winning prize? (Note: friendly competition, I’m not spending millions here) 🙂

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