I’m becoming a runner [again]

How do I know? Because for once, I’m excited to get myself outside again tomorrow and run.

Even though it’s only going to be a 30 minute walk/run workout, I know it’s one step closer to getting my muscles, tendons, ligaments and so on ready for those future 7 milers and half marathons.  I really couldn’t be more excited!

Every once and a while when I need some motivation, I turn to running websites or John ‘the penguin’ Bingham’s books on Running for Mortals and Marathoning for Mortals. 

I’ll leave you with an example from an article on his website before I show some pictures of lunch/dinner…

But [physical] changes are not the ones that are the most important. The changes that matter most are the ones going on inside, where you can’t see them. I’m not talking about the subtle increases in the strength of your heart or lungs or legs. I’m talking about the very real changes in the strength of your resolve and your spirit.

Each day that you invest in yourself, you are becoming more of what you want to be. By giving yourself permission to dream of new PR’s or completing a 5K, you are making sure that there is hope in your life. Instead of looking backwards to the good old days, you are assuring yourself that the best is yet to come.

At the heart of the matter, the real changes are in how you think about yourself. By discovering your limitations and then overcoming them, you can learn to be your own hero. And that, for most of us, is the biggest change of all.



Roasted sweet potato/carrrots.  Spinach/grape tomato salad with my new favorite dressing. Fruit.

Breakfast-for-dinner deliciousness! Coffee included SmileIMG_1507

Scramby eggs, apple chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s, multigrain waffle with blueberry preserves, fruit and a little nutella!


Yum, right? You can never go wrong with Nutella. It goes on almost anything.

Well, it’s 7:45 and I could sadly, probably go to bed right now.  In fact, crawling in bed with some hot tea and a movie sounds like a great Friday night right now!  I’m beyond excited for this three day weekend that’s ahead.  Stay tuned for a little competition (post tomorrow), some good eats, and some serious relaxation.

<3, Jenna

What do you all do to get yourselves motivated for workouts? Does reading about others’ success help you too?


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