The Leaning Tower of Lunch!

Boy, did I pack a satisfying lunch today! I made more of the homemade dressing I had last night, a small side salad, a small
fruit salad, and a slice of pizza from last night. All hail the leaning tower of Tupperware lunch…

Salads always
look so pretty, don’t they? I almost feel healthier just looking at
one 😉

After lunch lunch I had a few mini pb cups from TJs, yummmmmmmmy.

(There were a few more in there before I remembered to snap a picture…) And now? Making a plan to beat the 3:30 slump, which may include some low cal hot chocolate and mango slices 🙂

What are your best ways to beat the slump? Taking a quick walk around the office? Tea? Fruit? Nada?


4 thoughts on “The Leaning Tower of Lunch!

  1. I take a walk every afternoon, just for 15 minutes or so but it’s nice to get up and stretch my legs. A couple coworkers and I use the time to chat.

    Mid-afternoon snacks help, too. 3:00 snack is a must!

    • Yeah, taking a quick walk is a good idea. I try to at least stand up and stretch…usually I bring a few pieces of fruit or drink some green tea. Those also tend to help. Here’s to tomorrow being Friday 🙂

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