Pizzzzzza pizza daddy-o

Anyone remember playing that game in elementary school? No? …Moving on…

Mainly I named this post because my dad gave me the genius idea of using a pint glass in lieu of a rolling pin, and it worked….gloriously! When I got out of work today I went with my co-worker to Trader Joes (I know, I know I just went but he had never been there…who can resist?).  Initially I was just going to pick up some mangoes (as mentioned on Twitter) and other fruit since I’d eaten through my fresh supply, but ended up grabbing a couple other things…

…which in all actuality just happened to make my dinner that much more delicious!

What did I have? Homemade pizza!

I used my makeshift rolling pin to roll out half of the whole wheat dough I bought at TJ’s this past weekend for a small 6-inch pie, and added some recently purchased olive tapenade and chicken sausage…


…then some sliced mushrooms, roasted red peppers, garlic powder, a little mozzarella cheese and a few grape tomatoes.  After 15 minutes in the oven at 425 degrees, this:


turned into this…


It was full of doughy goodness.

While the pizza was cooking, I whipped up some last minute salad dressing in my roommate’s shot glass…classy, right?

I was skeptical, but the maple agave really brought the mix together.  I used a tiny whisk I had on hand to stir it up and once the pizza was finished, eagerly poured it over a bed of grape tomatoes and baby spinach.



(The pizza was 6 points on WW, fruit is zero, spinach and tomatoes were zero, and olive oil dressing might have cost me 1 point.)

I’m trying to hold myself back from having a second piece as I’m writing this blog…it was yummy, for sure.

Then, I was off to write a new post, but who can type when little Lily is sitting on one of your arms? She’s too cute.


Not such great pics, but all I had to work with was my phone and one arm Smile with tongue out

Hmmm, what else was I going to tell you all? Oh yeah!

The lady who gave me a tour of the gym called back today and offered to give me a three day guest pass so that I can try the place a few more times before making a final decision.  Thanks to those of you who gave me some advice, esp. to Erin who lives in the District and had some ideas up her sleeve!  Unfortunately, I don’t live close enough to the gym she recommended for it to be worth my while.

So while the jury is still out on this gym verdict, I’ll be using the next three free days to make my decision…nice.

I’m off to enjoy some dark chocolate covered pretzels, a few mini pb cups, a little almond butter and some tea (I can’t get myself away from the chocolate/almond butter combo this week)…

…and catch up on some other posts, but here are some snowy shots from my walk to work this morning!

We didn’t get too much snow in DC, but it’s pretty just the same.



What about you? Did you all get a ton of snow? 


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