A speedy morning

I’m not sure how I got up 15 minutes earlier than usual and am now crunched for time…?

Anyways, I’ll make this fast because I have to leave for work in a minute:



Kashi heart to heart cereal, berries, a dollop of nonfat plain greek yogurt, a drizzle of almond butter and agave…oh, and some organic fat free milk.

And then while trying to make lunch, this peaceful little thing…(aka Lily)…


turned sandwich attempt #1 into this…


Grrrrr…maybe that took up some of my time?  So anyways,  I made a new one for lunch that’s similar to last night’s dinner (plus extra carrot sticks).


Adios for now!

<3, Jenna

P.S. Do you get up earlier to in order to have time to relax in the morning? Or do you just get up last minute, rush through your shower routine and leave ASAP?


5 thoughts on “A speedy morning

  1. Your breakfast is perfect. (:

    I always wake up early! I actually just mentioned my love for mornings in my blog hah. I love having time in the morning to relax and prep everything I need for the day. Right now I’m on winter break but that’s especially true when school is in session.

  2. After waking in the mornings, I always take a few minutes to just relax before I start my day. That initial mental prep work for my day to begin is what sets the pace for me.

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