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Operation: make oven work.

So, little do you all know that since moving to DC a month ago I have yet to bake/roast/broil/cook anything inside of my stove.  I know, it sounds impossible.  However, when I moved in I felt like I had actually rented an apartment in Europe…

IMG_1379 copy

Not convinced?  Let’s see a picture of it next to the ONLY counter space I have…


To the left of that is an equal amount of space, taken up by a dish drying rack and a sink (currently full of dishes).  I might go crazzzyy soon if the property manager doesn’t install the shelving he promised.  Because really, you can barely move in here!

IMG_1383 copy

I apologize that it’s a little messy, but there’s just not many places to put my stuff.  (That bag is full of tea and hot chocolate boxes )

Mostly I just showed you all of this because I was afraid to use my oven…and after tonight I’m not! No one wants to be the girl who moves into a new apartment building, uses the 800 year old oven and blows the place up.  That would not be a good start to my life in DC 🙂

When I got home from the gym (I’ll talk about that in a minute), I chopped up two sweet potatoes, added in half a bag of baby carrots and sprinkled them with garlic powder, ginger powder and some olive oil.  Mix, put in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour (mine took longer because the temperature markings on the dial are almost entirely worn off…), and voila! A satisfying side dish.




Jenna-one, Oven-zero

While the sweet potato/carrot mixture was cooking in the oven I was ravenous having just been at the gym.  I just made a small sandwich with ingredients found in the fridge and ended up with this:


What was it?  A multigrain sandwich thin from TJ’s, roasted red pepper and plain hummus (a little on each side), a sliced hard boiled egg (from TJs), sliced red peppers and some baby bella mushroom slices.  I know the egg and hummus might sound weird, but I promise it was awesome.  Either that or I was so hungry I didn’t care Smile

As for the gym, I did go as promisedThis gym is one of a few(by that same company) in the DC area and is known for being a little pricey, but also full of amenities:

  • a sauna and jacuzzi in each of the men’s and women’s locker rooms (!!)
  • a café near the entrance just in case you need a quick snack
  • shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, dryers, towel service etc. provided daily.
  • a wide array of group fitness classes, included with the membership

The gym was awesome, needless to say. I’m also extremely proud of myself for sticking to it and doing the second day of the Couch to 5K Program.  I’m on my way, folks!

The only catch? The monthly membership is about $90.  I know, not cheap.  And unfortunately, I’m yet to be making enough money to spend it on anything I want (see: kitchen photos, haha). 

I mean, when it comes down to a budget analysis (I’ve been keeping track of my expenses this month to see how much I have to spend), I could swing the cost but I would just have less left over to save in the long run (or to use on new running shoes, for example).

So the question is, do you think I should join? Would you tighten your budget in order to invest in your health and wellbeing?  Or would you suck it up and join the lame-o tiny gym in your work building (with no group fitness classes) for 20 bucks a month? What should I do?!

I’m off to catch up on some blog posts, put my feet up, relax, and maybe dip a finger or two in the almond butter jar drink some tea.

Winking smileJenna


3 thoughts on “Operation: make oven work.

  1. Are you in my building haha? Looks like we have the same ridiculously tiny kitchen with no counterspace. 😉

    For gym: not sure where in the area you are but I love Fitness First. $20/month, all classes are free (yoga, pilates, BodyPump, spin, etc.), free sauna, new equipment — but no towels. 😦

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog…welcome to DC. I live in the DC suburbs of VA.

    If you don’t have to join for a year at your work building, then use it until you feel you will be comfortable with your budget.

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