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Holy soreness, a slow start

The good thing? I knew I was a little outta shape and needed to start slow with the running plan (C25K).  The bad news? I’m still achy today.

At least it’s a good achy…you know, the kind where you remember you worked your body the day before? The kind where you can feel those muscles you haven’t moved in a while?  I like to think of it as them reminding me, “hey, hey you! yeah, we’re still here, remember us?” Haha I’m so corny.

Anywhoooo, I’m trying to avoid having a case of the Mondays today so I’ll be focusing on thinking up good Morning Motivator techniques.  I wasss planning on getting up this morning to do a little Pilates sesh and strech out my muscles, but I just couldn’t get my sorry, achy behind out of bed quite early enough.  The funny thing is, I would DEFINITELY classify myself as a morning person…maybe I just need to go to bed a little bit earlier and put my alarm on the opposite side of the room?

What are your morning motivators?  If it’s dark out, do you still go running or do you go to a gym?  How long did it take you to to be consistent with your morning routine?

I’ll be hitting up the gym for a nice little speed walking session later tonight, followed by the avoided Pilates  from this morning.

Breakfast isn’t anything too exciting, I had a banana to tide me over while I was in the shower (I also tend to eat less for my actual breakfast if I do this because I eat toooooo fast).  And thennn I whipped up a smoothie that was actually one of the yummier ones I’ve had in a while:

In it was: a few frozen strawbs, a handful of frozen berries, less than  cup of fat free milk, a handful of spinach, a tsp of agave, a tbp almond butter, a scoop of protein powder and a few chia seeds.  I sprinkled some Kashi Heart to Heart cereal on top, which actually ended up tasting REALLY great with the smoothie.

smoothie love

It must have been the almond butter, but this smoothie was ten times better than the usual ones I make with peanut butter. Mmmm Mmmmm Good. Smile

And now I have to hurry my tush up and get to work before 9, but I hope you all enjoy the day and if I have time maybe I’ll post a little somethin’ somethin’ during my lunch break!  Stay tuned for some fun updates later tonight!

Don’t forget to fill me in on your morning routine…I need some motivation!




4 thoughts on “Holy soreness, a slow start

  1. I feel like I’m in the same boat as you are with needing morning motivation. In fact the stories you’ve posted in more recent posts about moving your phone to the opposite side of the room and then it eventually ending back where it began sounds all too familiar to me. 😆 I always tell myself that I will workout in the mornings, but end up not waking up early enough. Then things get into the way and I end up rushing later that evening to get in my workout at the gym. It get’s kind of stressful at times, but I like your idea of setting a goal of waking up early before a certain day of the week. Maybe we could use each other as motivation?

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