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I love love LOVE love love Trader Joe’s!

Have I mentioned I love Trader Joe’s yet? Winking smile 

I’m sorry ahead of time that this is going to be a long post, but let’s start with breakfast first:


I used 1/2 cup of quick oats with 1 cup water and microwaved for 2 minutes.  Then, I added 1/2 cup of frozen berries, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 tsp honey, 1 tsp chia seeds and a drizzle of nutella and microwaved for another 30 seconds. YUM.  The berries were delicious.

Then, around 11:30 I finally motivated myself to get dressed and took a bus to Union Station.  On the way there, a friend called to invite me to check out an apartment (we’re currently apt. hunting to move in together).  So, I enjoyed a soy misto at the Starbucks in Union Station before meeting up with her.  We went to visit the apartment, and then headed to…you guessed it! Trader Joe’s!

On our way there we stopped quickly at Cosi for a sandwich.  I ordered a chicken pesto melt on multigrain bread, which comes with a sundried tomato spread and mozz cheese…yum yum yum.  I paired it with a large unsweetened iced tea.

Cosi sandwichiced tea

So, with goal one of two down for the day I’m feelin’ pretty good.  And I mean…honestly, where can you get ALL of this food for only 100 dollars?


Here’s the picture, split in two so you can actually see what products I bought: IMG_0586


It doesn’t look like too much from far away, so here’s a list just in case you aren’t impressed already:

1 bag frozen pineapple chunks

1 bag frozen mango chunks

1 bag frozen raspberries

1 bag frozen strawberries

1 container fresh strawberries

1 container fresh mango slices

1 bag of navel oranges

7 bananas

1 container nonfat plain greek yogurt

1 container light cream cheese, plain

1 bag frozen cooked shrimp

1 bag frozen shrimp stir fry

1 container of organic chicken

1 container of smoked salmon

1 box of california style veggie burgers

1 bottle maple flavored blue agave syrup (!!)

1 bag baby carrots

1 bag frozen green beens

2 bags frozen pepper variety

3 green zucchini, fresh

3 yellow summer squash, fresh

1 container of TJ’s hummus, four different kinds included

2 avocados (only 1 shown)

1 package of three peppers, fresh

1 yellow onion

1 large package fresh grape tomatoes

1 package sliced mushrooms

1 jar almond butter (which cost 5 dollars instead of the usual 10!)

1 swiss fair trade dark chocolate bar, 71% cacao

1 bag pre-cooked and peeled hard boiled eggs, cage free

1 box of quinoa

1 bag of whole wheat pizza crust

1 can garbanzo beans

1 package multigrain sandwich thins, TJ’s brand

1 bag of pita chips seasoned with a little sea salt

…I told you it was a lot .  Pretty crazy, right?  I know that this would have cost me at least 50 dollars more at Safeway and maybe if I’m bored enough later I’ll actually look up and compare prices.

I want to welcome back to old (and sorta new) friends: Hello Mr. Almond Butter and Ms. MAPLE agave!

I was beyond excited to find maple agave.  I love natural sweeteners and couldn’t decide whether I wanted to spend money on a new bottle of agave or a new bottle of maple syrup…problem solved 🙂

Then, with almost too many groceries to carry home without injuring my arm I hopped on a bus that took me back to Union Station and from there a quick taxi ride home (I missed my bus by 1 minute and just didn’t want to wait another 30 in the freezing cold).  Normally I walk home.

After organizing all of my groceries for their glamour shot, I put them all away and cleaned out my fridge before making this snack:

A few mango slices, a few strawberries, and four Kashi multigrain crackers to try out each flavor of my new hummus (garlic, plain, red pepper and parsley).   Needless to say, it was awesome. Those are the best strawberries I’ve had in quite a while.

The plan now?  I’m going to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs (as seen on my Blogroll page above, relax a little and figure out if I feel like doing Pilates at home with a little Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred or if I want to head to the gym. 

Oh, and cuddle with this cute little thing for a while too.



P.S. Where are your favorite places to shop?  Do you go to multiple stores to get the best prices?  Do you plan out meals or just wing it on Sundays?


5 thoughts on “I love love LOVE love love Trader Joe’s!

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  2. Treasure Joe’s is the greatest place on Earth. I only shop at other stores when I have coupons (since TJ’s doesn’t take them) but otherwise it’s all TJ’s, all the time.

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