My iPhone is awesome, most of the time…

So, I thought I’d try to update my blog at lunchtime with the WordPress app for my iPhone and was all excited that it would let me upload photos and whatnot. However, I typed an entire post only to figure out the app had a glitch and had to be reinstalled. Grrr. At least you’ll get to (hopefully) hear twice from me today!

This morning’s breakfast included: 1/4 cup cooked steel cut oats, 1 tbs chia seeds, 1/3 cup organic fat free milk, a small banana, a little peanut butter, a little nutella, and a little honey. Yumzo.

It doesn’t look too appetizing, but I promise it was deeeeeelish.

I also grabbed a yummy cup of hazelnut coffee this morning on my way to work. So far? A great start to the day!

Anyways, here’s to hoping this works and that you all have a great afternoon!



2 thoughts on “My iPhone is awesome, most of the time…

  1. Oatmeal is the best, eh? I could eat it every day I think…and I love adding PB and/or banana to it too! YUMMY! Such a great way to start the day 😉

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