Oh the places you’ll [waste money]

So, after stressing out about getting up early to bring my cats to my friend’s house for the day so that our apartment could be exterminated (and 30 dollars in cab fees later) my building manager decided to reschedule the extermination until NEXT Thursday.  Convenient.


And my roommate had to text that to me while I was at work, tired, from having to get up extra early to take the kitties.  So I took a few seconds and then got over it….but thought I’d share.  🙂

Today was a rather boring day, I had a similar smoothie to the one that I had yesterday morning, and while eating the last bite of my tuna salad on whole wheat wrap during lunch, I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture of any of it….blah. Sorry, bloggies.  Lunch consisted of that wrap, followed by a cup of a frozen green bean mixture, some laughing cow cheese, celery sticks and a cup of fruit salad left over from an office party. 

After work I met a friend for a drink at a local brewery, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was craving their hummus and pita bread appetizer, not so much the alcohol.  And, I actually ended up drinking a glass of ice water and didn’t even have any alcohol.  Since starting WW (Weight Watchers), I’ ve realized how many calories are actually consumed drinking and so I’ve been working on my work happy hour skills.  I know for many people it’s hard to say no to happy hours because we all want to relax with our coworkers and friends outside of the work day, but many of us also want to avoid those extra calories once and a while.  So, either try drinking a glass of water (or maybe some club soda with a lime) inbetween the drinks you decide to have.  Or, like me, you can just have some water. 

The truth is that no one cares as much as you think they will.  So drink up! 🙂

Dinner consisted of consuming most of my delicious appetizer.  Not only do their appetizers only cost $5 from 4-7PM daily, but they make their own hummus and cover it in chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and kalamata olives and serve with thick, warm wheat pita slices. YUMMMM.

So, lesson for the day?  You CAN drink water at a bar and not get made fun of.  Oh, and make sure to check twice with your property manager before wasting 30 dollars moving your cats across town for a day. Grrrr.

🙂 night bloggies!  I promise I’ll make some delish eats this weekend and actually take some real pictures of them.  And stay tuned for a post on my first trip to a local gym in the area.  I’ve only lived in DC for a month and it’s time to find a gym I’m willing to invest in!




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