What makes us tick…er…

…no pun intended. (I promise, you’ll understand in a few minutes.)

Okay, so minus the fact that I forgot to take any pictures of lunch, I recorded most of what I’ve eaten today.  To start I had a smoothie made in my Magic Bullet an old coworker gave to me which included:

– 1 cup skim milk

-1/2-1 cup frozen berries

– 1 tsp honey

– 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

– 1 small banana

-1-2 tsp chia seeds

-1 tsp peanut butter

-1 small handful baby spinach (or whatever you can fit)

Blend anddddd devour.


Yummmmm yum yum yum. I could drink smoothies forever.

Then it was a cup of coffee and off to work.  At work I brought some steel cut oats and mixed in some peanut butter, banana, and a little honey and milk and heated it for about two minutes.  Along with that I had a cup of frozen veggies and a small lowfat organic yogurt, sans picture (sorry). 

Today was also the start of the new Congress and so all of the recently elected or re-elected members were sworn in and most had receptions.  And conveniently ours included yummy eats…so I nibbled on two small chocolate truffles, a small piece of cheddar cheese and some shrimp. YUM.

For dinner I managed to eat some leftover vegetable soup that I made up this weekend (recipe can be found here on the Weight Watchers website…just Google Tuscan Vegetable Chowder…or something to that effect), and a piece of toast with a fried egg.

veggie soupegggggsplosion

My Aunt sent me some holiday cookies, a dangerous thing to do while someone is trying to lost a few lbs, but they are AMAZING.  Apparently they were a Paula Deen recipe, which I should have figured since they’re so delish.  They are called something like Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, a similar recipe can be found here but I’d be careful because they’re too good to sit on your counter for too long Smile 

sandwich cookie

But don’t’ worry…I managed to just have one and  call it a day.  I love these tiny appetizer plates I found at Target a few weeks ago…they are adorable!

In other business, last week my roommate neglected to tell me that the couch she has in her living room has bed bugs in it…GROSS, I know…trust me, I know.  Apparently our building has regular checks (as all apt bulidings should) and the exterminator had told her a few days before that he’d found two in her couch.  She didn’t feel it was “important” enough to text me and so I found out by speaking with my landlord about other matters.

Nice, right?

So, let me also disclaim this by saying that she was a random roommate I found on Craigslist while trying to find an apartment and move to DC all within a month’s time since my job offer was finalized last minute.  Just the same, she should have told me.  Who doesn’t tell someone something like that asap? Ugh.  I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s been an ongoing stress factor for the last week and a half.

Why am I mentioning all this?  To creep you out? No,definitely not.  I mostly just wanted to rant, and apologize for a boring post since I’m trying to be quick.  I have to move my two kitties, Bella and Lily, out of the apartment tomorrow so that we can get it exterminated (the roommate is footing the bill at least) in the morning.  So, luckily my friend offered to watch them for the day.  Who could resist these cute little faces?

both kitties

Bella is on the left, and Lily right. Smile

Anywho, I recommend everyone routinely check their house for such annoying critters because in all of my latest research they don’t arise due to filth, but in recent years have become resistant to chemicals that get rid of them, leading to increased outbreaks. 

So on that comforting note, g’night bloggies!

…and don’t let the bed bugs bite Winking smile



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