Fall, fresh foods, and fairs

If I could choose between the best food on earth and the chance to live somewhere that is similar to Vermont’s autumn season, I’d choose the latter.  There’s nothing more refreshing than the fall in Vermont: leaves change, squashes grow, apple picking starts, pumpkin EVERYTHING comes out of the woodwork.  Nothing, nothing is better.

My dad came up for a visit today and we went to the local fair that just opened.  This morning I enjoyed a piece of quiche (only 1 left) along with some local coffee and a small(ish) sliver of pumpkin bread.  I cant’ help it, the bread is THAT good.

At the fair I munched on a coconut, banana and pineapple smoothie, a garden salad with steak strips and one of the few maple creemees I’ve enjoyed so far this summer:

And speaking of pumpkins, look at the size of this thing!  A record 1,246.5 pound pumpkin!

After the fair I was feeling tired from my sudden increase in sugar intake (recently coming off of phase 1 on the south beach diet) and took a glorious two hour nap on my futon.  Post-napping, I wandered off to our local healthy living co-op and purchased, among other things, a new superfood powder to try in my smoothies!

And since I had just bought this yummy looking mixture, I HAD to try it out in a green smoothie:

Mmmmmm, spinach!

The final product!

In the modified green smoothie, thanks to The Fitnessista for the idea (www.fitnessista.com):

–About 1/2 cup each frozen pineapple and mango pieces

— 1 cup fat free milk

–2 tbsp Agave

–2 tbsp Twister superfoods powder

–1 tsp. flax meal

–one huge handful spinach

Anndddd voila! Delicious, healthy green smoothie.  It’s amazing to me how energized I feel when I have one of these smoothies compared to having a huge slice of pumpkin bread and/or a maple creemee.  I guess I should know better, but I’m trying to be conscious of the way I FEEl after I eat certain foods to create more awareness around what I eat.

Following the smoothie, I whipped up a little healthy dessert based upon an idea I’ve seen recently in either graduatemeghann.com’s blog orrr the Fitnessista’s blog (link above).  In any case, it was awesome.

Seen here: 1/2 of a locally made multigrain english muffin, 1-2 tbsp. of locally made dark chocolate peanut butter, a small handful of local organic strawberries and a dollop of locally produced whipped cream = bliss.

Sense a pattern?  Yup, I just realized that the entire english muffin dessert concoction was 100% local!

And, for dessert after dessert I snuck one of the raw macaroons I bought at the store today as well:

Well, that about tops it all off.  I should head to bed now since I’m golfing early tomorrow morning.




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