I and Love and [Food]

In case you don’t know, the title of the post is a changed version of one of the albums from The Avett Brothers, I and Love and You.  Check it out, good tunes 🙂

Aside from my recent love of random music, I woke up completely rested this morning after having cleaned my room AND changed my sheets last night.  There’s nothing like clean, soft sheets and a comfy bed.

I went out to breakfast with my bestie at a local restaurant and we split Chicken n’ Biscuits anddd a plate of food consisting of scrambled eggs, pork sausage, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and some roasted seasoned mushrooms.  It was so much food that even us seasoned eaters couldn’t finish it all!  Everything was FANTASTIC other than the mushrooms…not sure what the seasoning was, but next time we’ll substitute them.

Chicken n' Biscuits

I got back to my apartment around noon, relaxed for a while and downloaded some new music (i.e. Avett Brothers) while drinking a cup of New England Breakfast Blend coffee in my Sbucks mug:

I just vegged out all afternoon, then snacked on a green smoothie (similar to an earlier post from a day or two ago) and a little bit of cereal and almond milk:

I only ended up eating half the smoothie, but it was delish.

And now, my friends, I’m off to work from 5-11ish tonight.  Tomorrow I’m working a double (7:30am- 3:30pm, then 5pm-1oishpm), so don’t be angry if you don’t hear from me until sunday. 😦

See you all later!

<3, Jenna


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