Pumpkin banana bread = love.

Well, it was a success!  I am pretty sure that I actually might just like this new pumpkin banana bread (made with spelt flour) better than the original one I had fallen in love with.

Here are the two loaves (regular banana bread on the left):

And here’s an up close and personal pic of the yummy healthy version:

The funny thing is: After my last post earlier this afternoon, I realized that instead of using ONE CUP of canned pumpkin, I dumped in the WHOLE CAN. haha. Oh well, I’m pretty sure that it only made the bread even moister and gooeyer (if that’s a word) and it was DELICIOUS.

I ran off to the gym after trying a piece and did my 45 minutes of run 3 min/walk 2 minutes, warm up and cool down and stretching. Total burn?  About 450 calories. Tomorrow is strength day, and I’m pumped since I skipped out on Tuesday’s strength sesh.

After the gym, I made a small salad for dinner, along with an egg, little bit of cheddar cheese, and vegetarian sausage on a mini whole wheat bagel, along with a half piece (each) of the regular and healthy version of the banana breads I made.  I mean, I had to try them both…


And now, I’m off to bed because I’m EXHAUSTED. I work tomorrow from 8-4ish, then off to the gym before dinner. Hopefully I’ll get a post in before I head to the gym, or around there.

Have a great night!

<3, Jenna


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