Quick day full o’ carbs

Hi everyone!

Phew, today has gone fast and I feel like I’ve been snacking constantly today…on carbs.   I guess it’s just one of those days 🙂

After we last talked, I took a quick shower, snacked on some herb-flavored Mary’s Gone Crackers (gluten and wheat free), with a stick of cheese…

…packed up some stuff and headed back to my apartment (a two hour drive away…I go home because my boyfriend and i went to high school together, so he works in that area…and of course, to visit parents :))  On the way back, I stopped and said bye to my mom and munched on part of my lunch, this yummy orange:

I always forget how amazing oranges are.  The trick is just getting myself to peel one 🙂

On the car ride home, I enjoyed a honey flavored greek yogurt, a chunk of energy from the coop (supergreen style), and another almond nut butter ball (sadly, my last):

I got back to the apartment just in time to put some stuff inside, change quick and head to work at the restaurant from 5 until close, or 9:45ish in tonight’s case.

While at work, I munched on another granola bar (I can’t help it, they’re so good. Try making them!) and had a small quesadilla-crepe-wrap style creation that had some salsa, caramelized onions, mild Cabot cheddar cheese and spinach inside.  YUM.

And now, I’m here after having gotten back to my apartment around 10, doing a quick load of laundry and making some tea.  Today I’ve felt like I’m either on the verge of getting sick (stuffy nose, sinusy headache, sneezing, but no fever) or I just have a plain ol’ sinus infection as a reaction to being around my cats for a few days at home.  I’ve developed allergies to them since I hadn’t been around them for so long being away at college for almost 4 years. With that said, I skipped out on my strength training sesh today just in case.  Can’t wait for tomorrow’s run 🙂

And that’s that, day is pretty much over.  I have to go catch up on some of my favorite bloggers, finish my tea and hit the hay.  I’m working from 8 until 3ish tomorrow, then hitting the gym so if I don’t post in the am before work you’ll definitely catch me posting in the late evening.

Have a great night/morning everyone!

Tomorrow’s mission: EAT.MORE.VEGETABLES.


P.S. I’ve updated my workouts for the week on the right sidebar of my homepage, so feel free to check it out.  I’ll do details of my strength training workouts on the days I do them since they tend to change often.


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