Meet Millet bread and my first (since high school) 5k!

Hello there!

So this morning, I munched on one of my homemade granola bars (see pic from yesterday’s post), and cracked open my new loaf of millet bread:

Since it’s sweetened a little with fruit juice, it was even tastier than I had anticipated 🙂

I had a tiny end piece while another was toasting and my egg was cooking:

I decided to go crazy, and eat the whole egg this morning, yolk included.  There’s nothing quite like eggs over easy on toast…yum!

And now, since it’s been a few hours of me lounging around I should probably go decide my plan for the rest of the day.  The question is whether I should work out at home and drive back to my apartment later today or if I should head back now, go to the gym while I’m there and then shower and go to work (at 5).  Oh decisions, decisions…

…since I think I may be getting sick (hoping it’s just allergies to my cats), I may just hang here and watch the bachelor on dvr from last night, drink tea, relax, skip the gym and head back later anyways.

I’ll report back later with an update 🙂


P.S. Speaking of working out, I decided my first 5k (since racing cross country in high school) is going to be the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that’s taking place on Saturday, July 17th.  I should easily be running more than 3 miles by then, and my boy’s bestie’s girlfriend said she’d train and run with me! Registration isn’t up yet, but as soon as it is you can be that I’ll be signing up 🙂


2 thoughts on “Meet Millet bread and my first (since high school) 5k!

  1. That bread looks pretty great. I need to try millet bread (I havea ctually never tried it!). Congrats on starting to train and think about your first 5 k. It is for such a great cause, too. Nice choice!

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