My apologies! Updates to the blog, and maybe a giveaway soon?

Hey everyone!

Sorry that it’s been over a day since I’ve posted.  Working at a restaurant/figuring out my life is a time consuming business.  I know it’s annoying to read a blog daily and then not see a new posting for a long period of time.  I’ll do my best to avoid it happening again. 🙂

Good news! I decided that I’m going to start a run/walk program, designed by John Bingham and Jenny Hatfield in their book Running for Mortals.  The intention with this plan is that your body adjusts slowly to the amount you are running to prevent injury.  So, for those of you that would like to join/follow along, I’ve made a new tab next to the About Me section on my homepage which will (eventually) have my training plan for the next few months.

Also, I’ve added a few sidebars on my blog, one of which has my gym schedule for the entire week.  I plan on updating it on Sundays so that you can all see what workouts I’m doing for the whole week.

Other good news? I’ve lost about 5lbs in three weeks! Pretty safe loss, and I’m feeling great about what I’m eating and how much I’ve been exercising.

And lastly, I’m thinking about doing some sort of giveaway in the near future.  Is there anything that you all are interested in getting?  Maybe some of my super healthy granola bars? A little bag o’ chia seeds?  Give me some ideas, let’s make this fun!  Just remember, I am a recent college grad so I’m not made of money…yet. 😉

I have to run to a movies to see Dear John (looks like a tear jerker) with my roomie, but please catch me back here later tonight for a more in-depth review of the past two days of my life.

Question of the day: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?  Or better yet, what is your favorite movie?


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