Where oh where did canned pumpkin go…

Ahh…canned pumpkin..:)

(Source for the picture, here)

I’m not sure if any of you other bloggers have come across this problem, but in an earlier post I mentioned how there seems to be no pumpkin in the grocery stores near where I live .  Little did I know there is a canned pumpkin shortage across the country. After doing a little research on the topic this morning, to my dismay I’ve learned that canned pumpkin may not be available until this year’s crops are harvested in August, according to this article by the LA Times. Nestle is one of the main distributors (they sell Libby’s canned pumpkin) and their crops were ruined in 2009 from lots and lots of rain.

Ugh, that’s horrible. Especially because after my mom gave me one of her two cans of pumpkin to bring back to school with me, I tried Caitlin’s pumpkin yogurt concoction and FELL IN LOVE.  So much for that healthy dessert for a few more months… 😦

Would it be sad to look for some on ebay?…haha Let’s just say I tried organic canned pumpkin (the only kind I could find) and, to my dismay, it ended up looking a lot more like baby poo than a delicious and healthy dessert…(I don’t even think I took a picture since I didn’t finish it, ew).

But if any of you happen to have any extra cans of pumpkin lying around that you feel like mailing, don’t hesitate to contact me about it (or other questions you may have): eatinggreenstayinglean@gmail.com 🙂

Speaking of shortages, I finished the last serving I have of my steel cut oat, goji berry, chia seed, hemp seed, flax meal, sliced banana, peanut butter, vanilla almond milk concoction this morning…

Yumyumyum.  I’ll have to get my bum over to the health food store to pick of more of this deliciousness once I get paid on Friday. 🙂

With it, I enjoyed some more of my maple vanilla almond yerba mate latte (under recipes section) creation:


For the rest of the day, I’m off to the gym with my bestie (and great gym buddy) to do an intense weights/cardio day. Woo!

Have a great afternoon, and I’ll see you all tonight! ❤


3 thoughts on “Where oh where did canned pumpkin go…

  1. I love the desperate plea for pumpkin! We have one can in the pantry that I’m saving for a rainy day — or a snowy day, since it’s sleeting down and I foresee a pumpkin bread craving in the future.

      • I opened my “1 can in the cupboard” today and it had expired. No pumpkin in the stores. Son wanted pumpkin pie for birthday. Had to buy the only pie in the grocery store.

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