Quiche and cookies, please!

Good afternoon!

Today’s day off has been a mishmash of cooking, relaxing, cleaning and eating… I can’t complain too much 🙂

For a snack, I munched on a piece of multigrain toast w/avocado and roasted red pepper hummus:

Afterwards, I realized that I had a lot of time to kill before my gym date with my bestie around 4ish, SOOOOO I decided to get cookin’!  My first project was a Crustless Spinach Quiche recipe I saw in my FoodNetwork magazine from the other day:

Pre-oven, topped with paprika and parmesan cheese!

All cooked! 25 minutes @ 450 degrees

Fresh out of the oven: the piece I enjoyed for lunch!

Yum, I LOVE quiche.  Since trying to lower my intake of processed and high sugar foods, I’ve come to adapt and love crustless quiche.  This recipe was fun because I got to use the FOOD PROCESSOR that I got for christmas 🙂

One of my favorite new kitchen gadgets 🙂

Note my cute snowman mug (who had made a previous showing in another post) 🙂

After quiche, I still was itchin’ to do some cooking…well, baking, specifically. I decided to make Super-Charge Me! Cookies from the book Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.  As you have probably noticed by now, I am not vegan or vegetarian, but like to dabble in all of the recipes simply because they’re healthy and delicious.  I kept seeing them on Jenna’s blog Eat, Live, Run and thought I should give them a try.

The only difference in my batch is that I used almond extract instead of vanilla (ran out), added in a few extra dried fruits and nuts, added in a little agave, and doubled the amount of unsweetened coconut.

No, this is not the cookie. Just a picture of me adding the wet mixture to the dry...lets you see lots of the ingredients!

And picture three, a closeup, for good measure 🙂

These cookies will definitely become a staple in my weekend baking. So gooooood.

Now I’m off to get changed and head to the gym for a super weight/cardio day!  Woo!

See you all later! <3,



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