Good morning w/a yerba mate latte…

Hello there!

I slept in a little and woke up to a beautiful (but cold) sunny morning here!

I started off my morning with the usual serving of steel cut oats (sorry it’s been repetitive, I’m waiting to get paid friday).  One more tomorrow and I’ve finally finished my stock of them 🙂

The mix? Hemp seeds, peanut butter, flax, sliced banana, goji berries, chia seeds and almond milk!

Then, I had a cup of vanilla maple almond yerba mate latte (my new creation, and one of my new favorites…took a tea bag from work yesterday, yum!)

To make it, I heated (or steam at work) a little milk, vanilla almond milk and maple syrup, add in some hot water and then steep! It’s yummy, and has so far done the trick at waking me up, sans the need for coffee…so far… 🙂

The rest of my day will most likely involve a trip to the gym (weights day), a smoothie snack with spirulina, and possibly making a small amount of acorn squash soup.

Stay tuned, and if it’s sunny wherever you are…get outside for a while and enjoy that it isn’t (hopefully) 15 degrees there 🙂


Question:  What is your favorite workout move?  Why?  Would you rather work out arms, abs or legs?


6 thoughts on “Good morning w/a yerba mate latte…

  1. I HATE strength work — hate hate hate it haha — but try to fit it in a couple times a week. My love is the elliptical, especially when I can watch something good on TV and get distracted. 🙂

  2. holy cow – WHERE do you find that vanilla almond yerba mate other than your work? Or, can I purchase it from your work? lol.
    I religiously drank iced mate every day all summer from the Back Home Again Cafe, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that place? Delicious organic, healthy food and awesome atmosphere. I haven’t been there in sooo long though, so haven’t had any lately. I need to get on that, though! Good stuff 🙂

    • the vanilla almond is from my vanilla almond milk 🙂 other than where I work I’m not sure where you can find yerba mate, I haven’t ever looked that hard since I just started drinking it…maybe healthy living?

      On another note, I LOVE LOVE LOVVVEEEE Back Home Again, and am SO glad that you know what it is! I drive that way to get to my parents house when I visit and absolutely CRAVE their smoothies 🙂

      • Yes! their smoothies are to die for, too! And they have the best sandwiches and wraps – especially their salmon wrap! and iced mates. And oh my god, they make the best Mate Energy Bar EVER. All this talking about it…I don’t know why it’s been months since I’ve gone. I ought to run in their tomorrow, lol.
        They actually sell mate there – it just seems like every time I make it myself it just can’t compare to whatever they put in theirs! lol.

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