New recipe for my palette (and plate): Quinoa!

Good evening everyone!

I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday 🙂

Work was crrrazzy busy today, and I couldn’t wait to get home and relax, especially because today was my day off from the gym!

At work, I munched on another new raw food bar: flavor? Coconut acai!

These raw food granola bars are SO GOOD, and are slowly becoming my new favorites. I just might order some RAW REVOLUTION ones once I get paid!

I met up with my friend after work (the same one that joined me for brunch dinner yesterday), and we headed out to the usual, Starbucks, for a quick pick-me-up.  Trying to keep my coffee intake low, I opted for a tall green tea latte, which is made with Matcha green tea powder and is actually a little bit good for you.  (I asked for less syrup so it wasn’t so sweet).

We got to the grocery store, and then once back to the apartment I heated up a mug and put my latte in there…it’s just so much better out of a real mug 🙂

Yummy green goodness 🙂

We headed to the grocery store for some veggies because I decided to conquer my first batch of quinoa (considering I had the whole afternoon to relax)!

I’ve never had the stuff, but it’s gluten free and a great source of protein and fiber so I figured I’d give it a try.  So, here’s how I made it:

  • Rinsed the quinoa (1.5 cups) in cold water for 10 minutes, rinsed, and added back in 2.25 cups of water (found this recipe here, and changed it up with ingredients)
  • Then I brought the mixture to a boil and brought it down to a simmer for 15 minutes or so.
  • While it was simmering, I chopped up some black olives, artichoke hearts (from can, rinsed), flat leaf parsley, orange pepper, some carrot, and a tomato.
  • Once the quinoa was done (you can tell because all of the water is completely soaked up), I put it in a large bowl and let it cool for a few minutes.  Then, I added in the chopped veggies and parsley, some garlic powder, salt, pepper and mixed it up.  To season further, I added a ‘dressing’ as shown on the website of a little lemon juice, some more EVOO, sea salt and pepper.  Mixed again.  This is the final product!

I put the bowl in the fridge for fifteen minutes or so to let it cool while I made my first attempt at grilling chicken on the George Foreman…

This is the result!  It was sooo yummy, and I felt like it tasted like it took a lot more effort to make than it really did. Here’s how I prepared it…

After googling it a little and figuring out that it takes about 4-6 minutes per breast to cook all the way through, I mixed some EVOO, garlic powder, Spike Seasoning, sea salt, and pepper on a small plate.  Then I drenched each side of the chicken breast in the seasonings and rubbed them in a little, stuck the chicken breast on the George for about 6 minutes and BAM! Delicious, seasoned, juicy grilled chicken.

My friend and I split the chicken breast, had a little quinoa salad, and I opted for some extra veggies in a little mesclun/spinach mix salad too:

Mmmmm. 🙂

Afterwards, I treated myself to a few of those mini dark chocolate bars (pictured yesterday) dipped in a little almond butter! YUM YUM YUM.  When I first tried almond butter I thought I was going to hate it, but it has slowly grown into a love situation.  I had to stop myself from eating a billion more 🙂

That’s all for now…look forward to a post on homemade acorn squash soup tomorrow or the next day, and maybe even a homemade (and easy) whole wheat pasta recipe!  (I have a couple days off, and some time to kill).

Off to watch the Pro Bowl, X Games and the Grammys (at the same time?) with some friends 🙂

G’night all!


5 thoughts on “New recipe for my palette (and plate): Quinoa!

    • Definitely try it out! It’s almost identical to making steel cut oats (another new favorite) and super easy and refreshing!

      And yes, the pasta will be an interesting adventure, I’ll be sure to post about it and take lots of pics! 🙂

    • Quinoa is great! Especially because it has a light, almost nuttyish flavor to it that will go good with almost anything! As for those yummy bars, I’m not sure if you live anywhere near Burlington, but they have them for sure at Healthy Living 🙂

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