Steel cut oats, Spirulina cream cheese, and sweet teeth :)

Well hello there!

I’m excited to say that the views on my blog have officially hit above 50!  For just starting less than a month ago, I feel like this is a good start.  Please, please feel free to leave some comments/feedback on what you think, what you’d be interested on seeing posts on or have questions about!  I’m going to start doing daily questions, or at least every couple days to keep things interesting. 🙂

So, to rewind a bit: I started this morning off with a bowl of 1/4 cup steel cut oats, a medium banana, a tbsp(ish) of Teddie’s natural peanut butter, some goji berries and almond milk.  For more detailed directions, check out Jenna’s Eat Live Run blog under her FAQ’s section.  But to sum it up, I took out the portion of oats, added a little almond milk, microwaved with the banana for a minute and a half and stirred in the peanut butter and a little agave.  YUMmmmy. Not even the healthy-and-I-kinda-pretend-I-like-it yummy, the actually-healthy-and-delicious-breakfast goodness that will be repeated many more mornings to come.

After breakfast and a shower, I headed off to work at 8am and was there until 3ish.  At work, I knawed on one of my new granola bars, this one being a RAW REVOLUTION Raspberry & Chocolate Bar.  I will admit I was scared it would taste like a cliff-bar-gone-wrong, but it tasted more like a crunchy chocolaty raspberry rice crispy bar.   The best part was that the steel cut oats kept me full even when I started to munch on the granola bar, but I figured I’d break lunch up into two parts to keep up my energy.

So, I ate the raw granola bar around 11 and then proceeded to have a small salad with a little bit of sliced apples, chevre and avocado on a mesclun/spinach mix for the other half of my lunch around 1pm.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the raw granola bar, but I did manage to sneak a quick pick of this yummy pick-me-up  mini salad.

After work a few hours later, I rushed home to get ready for the gym.  To give myself a little energy before my weights/cardio day, I munched on a small piece of multigrain toast (that I keep frozen in my freezer) with a tablespoon of light cream cheese on top.  The spin, however, was that I added 1/8 of a teaspoon of Spirulina to the cream cheese and stirred it before spreading it on top of the toast.  It looks sketchy and weird, but I feel TEN TIMES better now than I did once I got out of work.  I’m assuming that the superfood/gym combo may have contributed. 🙂

So again, excuse the gross-looking color. In a way it reminds me of sugar-cookies-gone-wrong…very wrong…

…but surprisingly it tasted just like normal cream cheese!  I will definitely be trying this combo again soon.

Thenn, once at the gym I did 35 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and rocked out to some tunes, then did:

  • tricep kickbacks (3 sets x 12 reps, 10lbs)
  • bicep curls (3 sets x 12 reps, 10 lbs)
  • dumbell chest press (3 sets x 12 reps, 10 lbs)
  • medicine ball twist (3 sets x 12 reps, 10 lb weight)
  • good mornings (3 sets x 12 reps, 10 lb weight)

I went light on my legs today, only because they are still half dead from my Jillian Michaels/hill climbing/first time running in a while trio this week.  They’ll be fine until next time…I might even do some yoga tonight. Total burn? About 450 calories.

Once back at my apartment, I made a light dinner of a mesclun/spinach mix salad topped with a little chevre, tortilla strips for color and goddess dressing.  On the side I had a Morning Star (110 calorie) mushroom veggie burger with a little cheddar cheese, Mrs. Dash, garlic powder and pepper for seasoning.  I also had a few bites (couldn’t resist) of my delicious Spinach, Artichoke, Chicken pasta creation from last night (pasta not pictured).

For dessert I’m going to have a piece of dark chocolate, some Yogi Immune Support Tea (my favorite) and a serving of pumpkin yogurt (which I tried yesterday) with a little cinnamon, cool whip lite and granola.  I’ll probably catch up on my favorite blogs (Fitnessista, Eat Live Run, The Fit Bride, Graduate Meghann, and (newly) Bites of the Apple), watch some tv, read and relax.  I suggest checking them out if you haven’t already.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.  Overall, it was a pretty healthy day and I’m feeling TEN times better than I have in a long, long time.  There’s something completely soulful about exercising and cooking foods that fuel your body with healthy energy.  The key? Balance and moderation, moderation, moderation.

Have a great night! <3, Jenna

Question of the day/week: Do you like to have something sweet after a meal?  If so, what are your favorite treats to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way?


9 thoughts on “Steel cut oats, Spirulina cream cheese, and sweet teeth :)

  1. Hey! This is great! Your pictures come out well…do you have a specific type of camera that you use to photograph the food you’re eating?


    • Haha hello there!

      Thanks for asking! Ideally I’d love to get a fancy digital SLR camera somewhere down the road. I do have a nice digital camera that I got for Christmas last year, but for now (and mostly due to convenience) I just use my blackberry. It is a 4.0 megapixel, which is more than my first digital camera ever was when I was younger, so I figured that it should do the trick until I move on to bigger and better things (or more followers). I just make sure to use as much natural light as possible when taking the pictures to avoid weird color tinting.


  2. mmm – all your eats look delicious!
    I went through a huge steel cut oats kick (shortly after my oatmeal kick, but before my oat bran kick…haha) but haven’t had them in a while now! I bet you’d like the bulgur & tvp if you like steel cut oats – similar texture.
    that salad looks awesome, too!

    As for something sweet after dinner; it totally depends on the day, it seems! Some days I do, some days I just want some toast & coffee or something, lol. But when I want something sweet, I love those “quick cookies” i blog about, as well as mixing greek yogurt with some pudding mix & fruit or jam and freezing it for a little while. It gets so creamy and yummy. Better than ice cream!

    And also – TOTALLY with you on the loving that amazing feeling of knowing you’re fueling your body with nutritious foods, AND enjoying delicious meals at the same time.

    Can’t wait to keep reading your blog! It’s great! -end ramble-

    • Thanks so much! I think it’s so great you and I both live in the state same state…go figure, right?

      I appreciate the comments about my blog. I wish I had started earlier, because it’s so fun AND completely addicting! I’m excited that people are finally starting to read it! Also, are you on Twitter?

      As for bulgar…I’ve been seeing a lot of it around the healthy blog world, so it’ll be on my “to try” list. 🙂

  3. Yay for your blog views! I also started mine less than a month ago. It’s so exciting to gain some progress!!!
    I have to say.. those are some amazing eats!!! What is Spirulla? I’ve seen it around the blog world but never thought to ask.

    And pumpkin yogurt = amazingness.

    And I must have something sweet after a meal or i’m never satisfied. If i’m wanting something sweet sweet i’ll go for some light ice cream or Chocolate Vita top. Lately i’ve been into microwaving an apple, mixing it with some sweetened Greek yogurt, and then mixing in some crushed toffee bits.. yum.. and not too bad for you! Also, sandwich thins with melty pb and chocolate chips.. to die for!

  4. Howdy. First I would like to say that I actually like your blog, just determined it the past week but I’ve been reading it ever since then.

    I appear to agree with most of the ideas and opinions and this post is no exception. absolutely agree with you.

    Thank you for any great web site and I hope you maintain up the great perform. If you do I will continue to read it.

    Use a great evening.

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