Chicken Parm= Success!

Good morning!

How was the chicken parm you ask?  Well, here are a few pictures…

Yummm! The salald was a mini version of the one I ate for lunch, and for the chicken parm, I used this recipe.  I altered it a little bit, however…

  • Instead of using whole eggs, I used only three egg whites to dip the chicken breasts into.
  • I used half regular bread crumbs, and half panko bread crumbs.
  • Next time I might try using whole wheat flour.
  • I added half multigrain pasta and half regular.
  • I added a bunch of seasonings to the sauce to spice it up a little, and might add in some vegetables in the future

But overall, it was delicious! If only it was easy enough to find an investor, design a menu and open a little cafe that was instantly popular…if any of you are feeling generous, don’t hesitate :).

After the satisfying meal, I watched State of Play with the boy and the mom, and then fell asleep.

Anddd, for exercise I forgot to mention my mom and I did a 30 minute aerobic walking/weights combo routine, and my heart rate monitor tells me I burned about 300 calories. Not too shabby.

This morning, I woke up to a 2 egg white puff (30) mixed with avocado (80), mushrooms (20) and a little bit of cheddar cheese (50), half an english muffin (70) and a banana (100) and some V8 juice (50 calories).  Total? About 400.

Also, I enjoyed some yummy coffee in my snowman mug in hopes it will bring back the snow (after our rain downpour yesterday):

(add 20-30 calories for 1/2 & 1/2, none for Splenda)

Nowww, I’m off to finish watching The Bachelor episode I DVRed from last night :), then shower and make myself look perdy, and thennnn lunch date with the boy. ❤

See you all later!


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